Our Programs

Natural Resources

As density in Carlsbad increases, the stresses on our natural resources are compounding. We're concerned with preserving as much open space as possible, and championing measures to buffer protected areas from climate change.  If you have expertise in water conservation, air quality, biology, development, traffic analysis, or with city and county government, we would value your assistance.

Tracking trails

For years, the ultimate goal has been a trail system that connects all of Carlsbad. Our city government has a new trails plan. Some of these trails are on private land, some public. Consistency in management across the existing trail network, securing promised trails and identifying potential trails are important. Also necessary are parks within walking distance of all of our homes and schools. We need your help monitoring the safety of our trails, tracking the wildlife along those trails, and navigating the local, state, regional and federal entities that regulate various aspects of our trails development.

Our neighborhood

We like data, particularly location specific (i.e. geocoded), time-stamped images. Scientists are telling us that the flora and fauna we enjoy today will give way to a far different habitat in the next two decades. To better understand how to preserve the unique species present today, we need an historical record of the changes we are experiencing. That means documenting the trees, plants, insects, birds and animals passing through our yards and neighborhoods. Your observations and photos help us gather and contribute data to such studies, and to more closely examine the impact of fires on our environment. Whether, you enjoy  data analysis, writing, or photography, we need your input.