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Friends of Aviara mission statement:

The purpose of our local community nonprofit is to promote and preserve a safe, healthy environment for all the residents of South Carlsbad/Aviara through the following:

• Preserve the open space, coastal wetlands, lagoons, particularly the Batiquitos Lagoon, and beaches in and around South Carlsbad/Aviara
• Protect and fortify the wildlife corridors as natural habitats for native plants, birds and animals
• Conserve natural water flows and support efforts to protect water and air quality
• Promote the use of public trail areas and parks by a responsible public
• Support education and restoration programs
• Eliminate the adverse effect of development
• Protect areas sacred to native populations
• Preserve this area’s beautiful resources for future generations to enjoy

Friends of Aviara achieves these objectives by educating, organizing and guiding those with a vested interest in the community’s well being in order to promote and sustain the greater good of the community and the environment.

Development concerns

As Carlsbad approaches buildout, more and more in-fill projects are on tap, increasing density in all areas of the city and putting more pressure on our natural resources. If you have a concern, contact us. FOA has successfully litigated over Carlsbad's Housing Element, worked with developers on the Lowe's Center, contested projects such as Dos Colinas and the Caruso Mall, and most recently was part of the comprehensive agreement paving the way for the completion of Poinsettia Lane and construction of Lennar's Treviso community. 

Erosion worries

If while walking the trails, or biking and driving through our neighborhoods, you have spotted erosion that is creating a hazard or potentially could become hazardous, send us a picture and detailed location information. 

Plant in your neighborhood

Our geography is primarily coastal sage and scrub. Please submit photos of native plants in your neighborhood, which will help us track the spread of invasive species, and the impact of rising sea levels and extreme temperature swings.

Trail maintenance and expansion

Carlsbad's existing trails system is a wonderful asset, but it is difficult to maintain as the population grows and the climate changes. Please share any concerns you have with trails you frequent. As always, photos help.

Got Milkweed

Monarch butterflies are endangered, facing threats from climate change and herbicides. Carlsbad is part of the monarch's extremely complex migratory route, which stretches from Canada to Mexico, covering more than 2,500 miles. We all can help them with their food needs by cultivating milkweed plants in our yards. Milkweed is essentially a nursery for monarchs. Contact us for milkweed seeds.

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